Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10000 Visitors!!!

Hello everyone.

As of about five minutes ago, we have gotten to 10000 visitors to this blog.  Primarily, the readers have been from the United States and Canada, but people have connected to this blog from every continent.

Some of the countries I would not have expected.  Who would have thought that a reader in Malaysia would check out the website of a Rabbi in Canada?  This week alone, I have multiple hits from the United Arab Emirates.  There are also hits from Israel.  I wonder if two people hitting this website from those countries counts as tacit recognition.

The most-read entry is "The Original Rules of Marriage."  That was back in January 2011.  This is the link: http://seabeechaplain.blogspot.ca/2011/01/other-rules-of-marriage.html.  That entry has received 249 visits.  It is one of my favourites.  I also like "The Marital Bed," "Lessons from the Walk of Shame," and "A Jewish State."  I thoroughly amused myself in writing some of the entries that were intended to be funny - "Codename: Operation Avocado," "The Joke," and "Finally."  I hope you found them worth a chuckle or two, or at least a groan and a Rolaids.

I have found both surprising and fun the challenge of coming up with the right titles for each of the entries.  I have found surprising the fact that I really like your comments.  I would love more discussion on some of the entries, especially the ones on marriage. 

Two things will happen in honour of reaching this auspicious occasion.  The first is that I am going to change my wallpaper.  It is time for a new look.  The second is that if you walk into a McDonald's in Canada on any day between today and August 12th, tell them that you read my blog, and then ask for a small coffee, McDonald's will give you that coffee for free.  Please note that the coffee is fine.  I am specifically not recommending any other menu items due to significant dietary concerns.

I thank all of you for being interested in reading my blog,  It is quite flattering.


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  1. Mazel tov to my wonderful husband who is also a better blogger than I. I have realized recently that we have two different, yet complementary, goals in life. Mine is to make people smile. I am successful, and it's nice to pass smiles along that people can then share. But yours, yours is to make people laugh. While living with your jokes the kids and I don't always laugh, we do recognize the laughter you bring to the world, and its value. Keep up the good work, even if I do tease you about being obsessed . For more on Sean's obsession & how I deal with it, http://rabbijengorman.blogspot.ca/.